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Born On  

Documentary Format

6 Episodes X 50 min

KAN Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp

Directors: Ran Landau, Bat Dor Ojalvo

"Separated at Birth" is the Israeli adaptation of the Flemish TV show "Born on", which was already produces in Norway, England, Switzerland and other territories.


Each episode tells the story of three people who were born on the exact same date. They all start at the same point and then their life stories evolve in a completely different way.


One will become a famous person, a person whose life story is an integral part of Israel's history, while the other two are ordinary citizens nonetheless their life stories are surprising, unusual, or inspiring. The three life stories intersect with the story of the country and together they weave the collective memory of Israel as a nation.


Among the participants of the series: Yehoram Gaon, Tzufit Grant, Israel Aharoni and Adina Bar Shalom

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