Storiez (2020)

​Director: Julie Shlez

Length: 4 Episodes • 42 min ea.
Client: The Israeli public broadcasting Corporation

They say that the new generation was born with their smartphone as an extension  of their boy.

That they are connect but very lonely .

The are exposing their self with now shame but  have a low self esteem .

There are thousands  of researches  about them they were named as the z  generation or the alfo millennials .

Now is the time to hear them  “stories “ is  a doco series  that puts the z  generation in the center.

Through their  relationship with their close circle  their obsession  to documentation in the social networks and mainly their stories in Instagram we get  peek to 5 characters 16-19.

Which is telling the story of the z generation .

The series  gives us  an angel  which is not critisiecem or didactic but  a look from the inside to the outside  and trying to  frame the  dismantling or confusion the characters feel .

The  combination of  viewing the charter in different platforms combined with doco materials creates an autunitic  realistic  diary of the characters .