The Last League (2019)

Director: Robi Elmaliach  

Length: 5 Episodes • 40 min ea.
Client: The Israeli public broadcasting Corporation

The Last League is a documentary series that closely follows team owners, coaches, players and fans in four different teams competing for the last league of Israeli Soccer.

Bnei Mamba, which brings together players from four Druze villages in the Golan Heights. Most of them are Syrian citizens; Bnei Musherife, based on the villagers, Arab Muslims; Ironi Ashdod, whose fans are fed up with local politics and decide to set up a soccer team of their own; Maccabi Sderot, whose residents are trying to maintain a routine through Kassam rockets fired by Hamas organization from Gaza.

 All of them share the desire to rise from the last League to the upper leagues but this is not a series about soccer, it’s a series about the mosaic that makes up Israel’s periphery, a reflection of the Israeli society.