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Meshi Zahav  

Documentary film / series

90 min / 4 Episodes X 52 min

KAN Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp

Director: Sharon Yaish

משי ויזואלית תחקיר_edited.jpg

Yehuda meshi Zahav is one of the biggest sexual predators Israel has ever known. He was active for more than 40 years and, as we have discovered, the more famous and loved he became, the greater the darkness inside him grew.

It is hard to comprehend the scope and facts of this story. How all the people around him turned a blind eye and kept quiet, how the police did not bother to investigate, how the hundreds of his victims kept silent for decades. But mostly it is hard to grasp the fact the Meshi Zahav was honored and loved, that he received prizes all over the world for his volunteer work and compassion, while assaulting and exploiting hundreds of people.

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