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The Last League  |  Season 2 (2022)

Director: Robi Elmaliach  

Length: 5 Episodes • 40 min ea.
Client: The Israeli public broadcasting Corporation


When you look at the football stadiums in the small towns of Israel, away from the center of the country, you realize that the arena in which the game takes place is much larger than the field itself.
It’s not just about the grass, the stands, the 90 minutes in which the game is played, the sports programs on TV and the radio or the dry coverage of the games in Sunday’s sports supplement. Football is also the place from which the next social outcry can come out, one that could dramatically illustrate the profound processes a society is undergoing and produce a platform of social mobility for minorities and disadvantaged sectors, establish an alternative communal life and make people sacrifice a lot, most of their lives in fact, for what is sometimes called "Just a game." To truly understand football, one needs to get away from the field a bit.
During the 2019-2021 football seasons we closely follow the places where our heroes grew up, the politicians and the team owners, the players and coaches. This is not a series about football, it’s a series about the mosaic that makes up Israel, a mirror of Israeli society.

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