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King David  

Documentary film

60 min


Directors: Robby Elmaliah, Amir Ben David


We cannot understand Israel without understanding David Levy's life story. All the tension that shaped the Israeli identity: periphery-center, Ashkenazi and Mizrachi jews, the "first" Israel and the "second" Israel are all present in the life story of the man who was the king of Israel but failed to become Prime Minister.

The conflicts, dilemmas, the storms, and the battles which accompanied David Levy throughout his life still have a leading role in the national agenda also in 2022.

They still inflame the Israeli public, as if more than 60 years haven't passed since the young immigrant with the impressive forelock stepped off the immigrant ship which transported him and his family from Morocco to Israel and started to climb from the transit camp in Beit-Shean to the top of Israeli politics.

After 15 years of almost complete media silence, David Levy conducts in front of the camera a self-examination of his life. A self-examination of a politician and statesman, whose life story is very much the significant and central story of the state of Israel in the last decades.

The personal monologue is accompanied by rare visual archive materials and with additional interviews with partners along the way, political opponents, and observers, (amongst them Ehud Olmart, Yaakov Bardugo, Ronnie Milo, Daniel Ben-Simon, Yehuda Lankri, Pini Kabalo and others.

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