In the Name of the Father

Directors: Bat Dor Ojalvo, Gal Goffer

Length: 3 Episodes • 52 min ea.  +  90 min
Clients: Kan 11, 

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Moishi is a 40-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn. He is sharp, gentle and soft-spoken, and lives in a small apartment with his wife and five children. But Moishi is also a prince whose legacy was stolen from him.
Moishi's father, Rabbi Eliezer Schick ("Maharishi"), was a great rabbi in the Satmar Chassidic community in Brooklyn. Satmar is one of the world's biggest and most zealous Chassidic community. It's very rich and closed off to the world.


The son of an admired and controversial Brooklyn Rabbi is excommunicated. As revenge, he decides to reveal for the first time the truth about the extreme and isolated cult his father established and the atrocities in it that continue to this day.