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Picture This

Documentary Series

16 episodes x 30 minutes

KAN Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp

Created by Sharon Karni & Ran Landau

Shme-u Sipur - Ayelet - dream animation
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An original one on one interview format combining an intimate talk with an interviewee with a great story to tell, something that seems “out of the movies” and artistic illustrations (partly
animated) that bring to life some of the scenes that the interviewee is describing, thus adding a cinematic flavor.
The interview takes place in a big studio designed to look like an old TV/Radio studio from the 70’s. The talk is taking place on both sides of a table under a huge lamp. The general feeling in comfortable and intimate but the size of the studio allows for a beautiful depth of field creating a rare aesthetic experience.
2 seasons shot, The first one aired April-May 2024.

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