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Documentary film

60 min

KAN Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp

Director: Eyal Datz

film look.jpg

Moshe Badash invented the industrial salads and ready-made food, founded the "Piquant" chain of supermarkets, and sold cheap sausage to Israelis, while he fought the tycoons, the elites, the income tax, and the government officials. He ran for the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), tried to compete with Osem his largest enemy, by launching a rival snack to Bamba (their biggest brand) and got rid of - according to him by an organized cartel in the worst economic attack in Israel's history.

Now, when everyone is talking about the cost of living and monopolies, would Badash be considered a vigilant or an opportunist who was just looking for ways to make money? The film examines his character and the relevance of his struggle to our lives today.

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