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The Dinner of a Lifetime  

Gastronomic Entertainment series

6 Episodes X 42 min

KAN Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp

Director: Bat-Dor Ojalvo


Chef Aner Ben Rafael Furman hosts in each episode an Israeli personality for a tailor-made meal, where he will serve surprising, spectacular, and creative dishes according to his guests. Every dish is created specially to spark an emotional journey through the guest's lives, inspiring reflection on moments of great joy, deep grief and nostalgic conversation between guests and Chef.


This is a local adaptation of the Spanish format Dinner of a Lifetime, owned by MEDIAPRO.

The guests in the first season are: Aki Avni, Paula Rosenberg, Subliminal (Kobi Shimoni), Maya Wertheimer, Yevgenia Dodina, and Ayelet Shaked.

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